– A continent at war 

– A Quest for legendary artifacts

– Treasure, honor, war,  and mystery 

– Heroic to Epic levels

The DRAGONWARS of TRAYTH  is a  new campaign setting compatible with the Pathfinder Role Playing Game system. The fully detailed Campaign contains 25 modules, a Campaign Guide, and Players Guide for the World of Kadar Campaign setting.

Explore a new world and all its dangers, dungeons, catacombs, mines, castles, cities, fortresses,  forests and mountains all in splendid detail. Fully mapped, and bursting with adventure. Experience the mystery, challenges,  and intensity of what players have called “The most addicting and exciting adventure played in the last decade”.

Start your adventure at 1st level and continue it through 30th level. See our MODULE page for more details. Interact with heroes both legendary and new, parley with dragons and deities alike. Help to save a continent at  war and preserve what is left of demi-humanity, and in the process you will transform from a fledgling hero into a powerful epic legend of your own. 

Here is your chance to play in a campaign that will bring you face to face with  some of the most fearsome creatures of legend and lore and MOST of all battle DRAGONS!

For GM’s who value attention to detail, storylines that flow nicely and make sense, sub plots, intrigue, mystery, originality, and ease of play then this is for you. Your players will remember every part of this adventure and be talking about the quests for years to come. 

Originally copyrighted in 2011 Dragonwars of Trayth is the first full original campaign series with DRAGONS as its underlying theme.

With over 3,000 hours of testplaying THIS campaign is the “Greatest RPG Adventure ever played” according to over 50 play-test. Bursting with challenging encounters, riddles, skill tests, and a fully integrated storyline.

The lead designer and author has over 35 years of D & D experience and has played since the original box set. The co-designer have over 20 years of experience and the artists and their work brings back the quality that many other publishers sacrifice in their quest for more profit.

THIS campaign brings players back to what RPG is all about. To be PART of the adventure and story and enjoy the fellowship of other gamers as you unravel the mysteries that even gaming experts called “Awesome”, “Expertly Detailed” and “Unforgettable”.

While other adventures focus on hacking and slashing with no purpose DRAGONWARS of TRAYTH is about the story. Original, inspiring, and fully detailed. 
All the books and modules in the series are fully illustrated in high resolution color. The continent, each country, each city of every country, each building of every city ALL completely map-able and in detailed color. 

So if you are tired of the level grinding with no purpose, having characters with nowhere to find more adventures,  retiring before their time, or buying yet another version (and awaiting its inevitable demise) of the beloved RPG that didn’t need another version then here is the solution. Your wait is over DRAGONWARS of TRAYTH is available NOW to fill the void of mediocrity in game design with high quality adventure.