• The Dungeons of Belar - Module A2


For 3rd and 4th level characters

The Princess of the country of Vallon is missing. Taken from her own throne room where she was reigning in place of her missing father. The group is called upon by the high priest of Illera to find her and prevent the invasion of the kingdom.

The group must brave the enemy territory of Morgus where the arch-devil, Asmodeus, has taken that kingdom and infiltrated the fortress city of Belar. It is believed the Princess is there and is about to become the latest victim in experiments that turn demi-humans into draconic abominations.


This Module Contains

Two full dungeon level maps, 1 continent map overview, 1 continent map close-up, 1 country map, 1 fortress map, 3 settlement details, 4 new artifacts, 70 dungeon rooms and over 40 encounters and traps all of which is in full color. Plus easy to use Removable Monster, Magic Items, and Dungeon Map.

This second module in the Dragonwars of Trayth adventure series. Ideal for 3 to 6 players. Each of the 25 modules in the series can be played individually or as part of the Epic Quest that takes players from 1st to 30th level of experience.

For a free PDF sample www.dragonwarsoftrayth.com/Dungeons_of_Belar_Pdf_Sample.pdf

The Dungeons of Belar - Module A2

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